When I am inspired by an idea for a new painting, I spend days (or even weeks) reflecting before I attempt to manipulate a canvas to create and construct my vision.  I enjoy trying, and combining different techniques in my work.  With each new piece, I discover something different and wonderful – in my creative process, technique or means of inspiration.

I find inspiration in what I see around me, and an idea can come from anywhere.  I have found inspiration in the melody of a song, the brushstrokes of a painting that I admire and the emotions that the experiences in my life have brought forth. Each of my paintings has a story, and it is shaped by those experiences.  Therefore, I believe that art is best enjoyed and better appreciated in its original state, as only the brushstrokes can fully capture these stories.

Much of my inspiration is derived from the beauty that I find in the shape and form of trees.   When I look at a tree, I see so much—strength, boldness, endurance.  Yet in that very same tree, I can also see weakness, loneliness, and sadness. The contrast and depth between what stories a single tree could tell are qualities that I try to capture in my work.

Painting makes me feel like I am having a conversation with a friend. I can freely express my emotions, thoughts and secrets to a canvas, knowing it will keep them safe forever.  Painting truly brings me peace and happiness; my hope is that my art triggers in you an uninhibited emotional response. I am truly excited and humbled by your interest in my work, and I would love for you to share with me your translation of my vision.


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